Pedigree of:

[Potential Offspring]

Highrails Blast Your Stereo
Black C/W F=10.74%

Stone Ridge Legend Ofthewest DNA-CP
Black C/W AS-20078G49M-PI F=16.68%
E123657 DN01216906

Ch Show Stopper of Stone Ridge
E116206 DL87946701

Ch Heatherhill Montel Williams

Ch C.R. Red Legend of Stone Ridge

Ch Windfalls At Long Last
E92802 DL71944903

Ch Heatherhill Black-N-Decker

Ch Tri-Ivory Caress

Highrails Just Cream No Sugar
Blue C/W RF AS-21933G30F-PI F=10.92%
E131411 NS901803

Ch Agapes Baileys Irish Cream
E104822 DL80546803

Ch Propwash Manape Ghostrider

Agapes Midnight Lace

Highrails Just Do It

Ch McDuff of Windermere CD STDc OTDs ATDd

Carolinas Hope 'n Deliverance

Lotta von der Lerchenmuehle
Red Merle C/W F=6.14%

De Abajos Doc Go To Amarosi DNA-CP
Black C/W RF F=12.42%

Ch Suncatchers Love'm-N-Leave'm
E103260 DL77826602

Ch Wilmeths Black Tie Affair

Ch Wilmeths Accent the Positive

De Abajo Little Red Rodeo

Ch Suncatchers Mr Roo To You

Ch Suncatcher Here Comes Trouble

Touchstone Faith of the Heart DNA-VP
Blue C/W RF F=4.10%

Silver Birch the Real McCoy DNA-CP
E68862 DL56950402

Ch Hondo of Black Watch/lasrocosa STDcds

Las Rocosa Share the Glory

Ch Lakelynds Rock'n the Blu'z DNA-CP
E62613 DL48447104

Touchstone Brass To Flash

Gefions To Steal A Star