Welpen von Coffey und Bailey
Excellent Choice Count Down
"Breezy Oaks Blue by Acura"
McMatt's Legend Of Mill Creek
Ch.McMatt's Victor
Ch.Castle Images Of McMatt
Suncatcher Jasmine Count Me
Ch.Wilmeths Black Tie Affair
Ch.Wilmeth's Accent The Positive
Exclusive Touch Of The Night
Moonshine's Michelob Light
CH Trouble A Brewn At Ramblewood
Bearfood's Direct Image
Rosebud Of Crana's Attractione
CH Prizm's Inside Track
Bearfood's Virtual Reality
Endeavour von Preußen's Gloria Talisman Headhunter Talisman City Slicker Milwin’s Bishop’s Kardinal
Southern Cross Classic Shelby
KGB Poise N Ivy Blueprint Moon Dancer
Fantasia’s Serendipity
Avanti von Preußens Gloria Flatland´s
Red Big Ben
Agua Dulce
Saksa Optional
Red Shawnee
Spirit of No
Ccrazy In Prussia
Touchstone Jambalaya
Beau Geste
Desert Ginnie Rose